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Why We're Different

Revere Flexpak has an all-in-one, customer-centric approach unseen across the flexible packaging and label manufacturing industries. We focus on finding solutions to our customer’s needs and making sure that time and time again, we deliver what you need, when you need it, and at the right price. When you call us, you’re speaking with an experienced professional dedicated to solving your needs.


We Make It Happen

We understand that the success of your product means the success of your business.

Great packaging can make all the difference. Your labels and packaging need to be printed well, on time, and at the right cost. That’s where we come in. We’re packaging experts. We listen more than we talk to understand your product and your needs. We start with the best customer service in the industry and follow it up from the first quote to delivery of the final product. Every one of us, from production to project management, press operators to finishers, cares about your packaging and your success.


We Make It Easy

No matter the volume, from thousands to millions, the process of creating your packaging should be easy.

We’ve created a simplified process to prepare and print high-quality packaging efficiently and without hassle. Our system is built to handle both straightforward and not-so-straightforward jobs. So it doesn’t matter if you have lots of versions, require exact color matching, or have last-minute changes-we’ll get it done and keep your supply chain moving. As your flexpak partner, we understand the demands of your business and operate with your needs in mind.

When we say “beautiful solutions made easy”, we mean it.


We Make It Beautiful

Our dedication to delivering quality is seen throughout our company and translates directly to your project.

We take the time and effort to assure every detail of your project meets every specification. This expands from our sale team, to our pre-press department, to our equipment, to our finishing and shipping departments. We make sure you are thrilled with the finished product.


Our Process For Success

1. - Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us using one of the various contact forms on the website, or call us at (206) 545-1850. One of our dedicated sales representatives will contact you with the next steps within 24–48 hours.

2. - Quote


During the call with one of our dedicated sales representatives, we’ll address your packaging and label printing needs and find the perfect solution for you. After this, we will dial in things like sizing and artwork. Then, we are able to give you an accurate quote and a reasonable timeline.

3. - Pre-Press/Platemaking


After your needs are determined and the quote is accepted, our in-house pre-press and platemaking departments ensure that every detail of your project is of the highest quality and assure every level of detail before it hits the press.

4. - Production


Once all pre-press details are confirmed, we move the job to the production floor and let our production team and HD Flexo presses do what they do best: produce your project at the highest quality and efficiency.

5. - Finishing


Next is finishing. This is where final quality checks are conducted to assure consistency and quality. Your finished project is then carefully prepped for shipping/delivery.

6. - Shipping/Will-Call


After your project finishes on the production floor, and all quality assurance has been met, we’ll package your packaging (no pun intended), then coordinate UPS shipping, freight, or local area will-call pickup, or coordinate with your own shipping solution.


About HD Flexo Technology

Our HD Flexo presses are industry-leading technology in the printing sector. They offer precise registration, a wide color gamut, and the smoothest gradients available. Our presses automatically monitor and adjust registration, pressure settings, and color accuracy four times per second, and our digital defect detection system ensures you receive only the highest quality, most exceptionally detailed impressions.

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