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frozen food packaging



We’re sure you’ve noticed by now that flexible packaging has taken over the frozen food section of any major grocery chain. Offering better product protection, lower material costs, and a much better sustainability profile compared to rigid packaging, flexible packaging is appropriate for virtually every conceivable frozen food packaging application. Revere Flexpak is here to solve your frozen food packaging needs with unwavering expertise and customer service. Let us quote your project today!


Learn More About Frozen Food Packaging

Despite the convenience of frozen foods, one of the biggest drawbacks has always been the rigid box design of the packaging. Rigid containers are not only heavy and bulky, but they also require a lot of material to insulate the food and prevent freezer burn. This makes them more expensive to produce and store, and reduces the overall environmental sustainability of your product. Flexible packaging, on the other hand, is a lighter and more sustainable option that can provide many benefits for packaging frozen food products.

Lower Costs & Better Sustainability of Flexible Frozen Food Packaging

A major advantage of flexible packaging is that it uses less material than rigid packaging, which not only saves on manufacturing costs but also reduces the weight of the final product, making it more cost-effective to transport. Additionally, less material means that there is less of an environmental impact from both the production and disposal of the packaging by the end consumer.

Increased Shelf Life & Freshness Flexible Frozen Food Packaging

Flexible packaging can also help frozen foods maintain their quality for longer. Revere Flexpak offers high-barrier packaging film to keep your product safe from oxygen and moisture, preventing freezer burn and preserving freshness. This means that frozen foods will last longer in the freezer and maintain their freshness for longer.

Flexible packaging has many advantages over traditional rigid packaging, making it a better option for frozen food products. It uses less material, which saves on manufacturing and shipping costs and decreases the overall environmental impact of your product. Additionally, it helps frozen foods maintain their quality for longer when using our high-barrier film to keep your product safe from oxygen or moisture. Revere Flexpak is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers alike. By keeping up with the latest trends in packaging film, businesses can ensure that their products are well-protected and look great on store shelves. Revere Flexpak is here to guide you through the process and provide you with the packaging solutions your brand needs.


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