Demetallized Film



Demetallized Film

In a recent study, researchers found that products in metallic packaging were purchased 23% more than those in non-metallic – but otherwise identical packaging. Take advantage of these findings by including metallics in your packaging. In flexible packaging, one way to achieve this is demetallization! With our state-of-the-art machinery, we can remove traces of metal from targeted areas of metalized film, while the rest of the film remains metallic. This allows you to incorporate multiple “foil” colors and crystal clear windows of any shape or size in the same package. The design possibilities are endless!

Our demetallization printing is a cost-effective and unique way to call attention to your product on crowded shelves. It gives a high-end and sophisticated look to your brand and can influence buyers’ decisions to select your product over another. Choose from stock film, bags, or pouches!


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